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Davits / Lifeboats

According to IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulation, stated in May 26th 2006, the MSC.1 circular 1206 was implemented to improve the prevention of accidents during routine maintenance, inpections and tests of Davits and Lifeboats/Rescue Boats.

Concerned with the safety of operation, not only to equipments but with the lives of the crew, Mapamar sent their personnel for training abroad, in the manufactures factories.

Our personnel is qualified in accordance with IMO MSC.1 Circ.1206 and IMO MSC.1 Circ.1277, providing a reliable service committed to improve the safety of the crew and operation.

Also available 16 water bags of 375 liters for overload test of the life boats.

Load Tests

Applying the use of certified load cells and water bags, together with trained Engineers and Technicians, Mapamar is able to provide quality assistance in load testing your equipments.

Committed with the safety of operation and giving attention to the clients schedule needs, our trained personnel and reliable equipments will minimize the risks involved in the operations during the inspections, certifications and load tests.

Some of the equipment available: 

  • water bags of 5 t, 10 t , 15 t, 25 t, 2 x 35 t, 4 x 50 tons, 2 x 100 t
  • load cells of 5 t, 11.3 t, 22 t, 30t, 45 t, 68 t, 150 t, 330 t, 350 t
  • spreader bar 300 t


According Brazilian Navy (DPC) requirements.